Fire Department Quarterly UpdateThe past three months have been busy for the Fire Department and all of the members. Personnel have responded to 81 incidents since January 1st of this year. This is an estimated 243 hours that the Department has dedicated to responses only. The call types are broken down here:

January Calls: 26         February Calls: 16       March Calls: 39

Mutual Aid Calls: 27

Traffic Crashes: 12

Assist EMS: 8

Assist Other Agency: 4

Odor Investigation: 1

Smoke Investigation: 5

Brush Fire: 4

Vehicle Fire: 1

Disabled Vehicle: 1

Public Service Call: 5

Fire Alarms: 7

Hazardous Conditions: 3

Structure Fire: 3

In addition to responses personnel have attended meetings, committee meetings, training meetings and classes, and worked on equipment and buildings. These meetings have helped us accomplish updating Department rules and regulations, plan future events for the community, and prepare fundraising ventures; on top of the regular business we conduct at our monthly meetings. These meetings take 1.5-2.5 hours each, and we have held a lot of committee meetings to help things improve. 

Personnel have attended in-house training and several have attended classes outside of the Department. We encourage everyone to continue to attend training to increase our knowledge base and increase our service to the community. We also have a hand full of personnel attending the Firefighter Certification course being hosted at Wintergreen Fire & Rescue. 

We, along with all other agencies in Nelson, just completed the first March Membership Drive. During this event each agency advertised the need for volunteers throughout the county. We have received several inquiries into being a volunteer at the Department. 

All-in-all, we have been busy ensuring that we can respond to your calls for help with knowledgeable personnel and reliable equipment. We have many exciting things coming in the near future that will be released by our Social Media Team on Facebook and our website. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us at 

Thank you for your continued support!!

Derek A. Kidd, Membership President