I don't have a lot of time, but I want to help my community. What can I do with limited time?

We have two levels of membership for people under the age of 18 and two levels of membership for people over the age of 18. For those ages 16-18 we offer Junior Membership and Associate Membership. Junior Membership allows members to be present on emergency scenes, under supervision of a Senior Memeber, and learn safe scene operations. Junior Associate Membership allows the member to assist with community functions, fundraising events, and work details. This level does not allow for on scene emergency responses. For those over the age of 18 we offer Full Memebership and Associate Memebership. Full Membership is for those that can provide 100+ hours of service to the department a year. These members must obtain Firefighter 1 training within 12 months of joining or as soon as it is offered within a reasonable distance. Full Members must serve a six month probation period and will receive voting rights in all department business after that period. Associate Membership for those over 18 is a bit different. Those in the level are essentially the same as full members (if they so choose) without the minimum hour requirement. These members have limited voting rights. Also these members can choose to only assist with functions, fundraisers, and work details.

Do I have to have training before joining?

NO! The department and/or the County will provide you with the training needed for your level of membership.

I don't have an interest in being a firefighter, but I have a skill that I feel would help the department. Can I still join?

Yes you can! Being a volunteer organization, we look for all kinds of skills sets to make up our group. If you are a mechanic and would like to help with truck maintenance, come join. If you are a carpenter and would like to help with building maintenance, come join. We do not discriminate!

What is the law regarding Junior Membership in a Volunteer Fire Department?

The Nelson County Code reads as follows: Sec. 5-1. - Junior firefighters. Any person residing in the Commonwealth, either sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) years of age and who is a member of a volunteer fire company within this county, is authorized, with parental or guardian approval, to: (1) Seek certification under National Fire Protection Association 1001, level one, firefighter standards, as administered by the Department of Fire Programs; and (2) Work with or participate fully in all activities of such volunteer fire company provided such person has attained certification under National Fire Protection Association 1001, level one, firefighter standards as administered by the aforesaid department. A minor who was so certified on or before January 1, 2006, between the ages of fifteen (15) and sixteen (16) is not required to repeat the certification after his sixteenth birthday.

What is the difference between Mutual Aid, Automatic Aid/Response?

Mutual Aid is the request of response from one agency to another to assist with an active incident. Automatic Aid or Response is when an agency is automatically dispatched to assist an agency with an active incident.